November 13, 2019

Rules & Parental Reminders


  • Please remind your children to treat the wrestling room at AU with respect.  We are guests.  We are lucky to have use of the AU wrestling team’s practice room. Our host location has generously allowed us to use their facilities. Please treat the facilities, staff, and students with respect.
  • Please make sure your child is on time and dressed in athletic shorts, a t-shirt, athletic socks, and wrestling shoes or sneakers. Every athlete is responsible for remember to bring their wrestling shoes.
  • Veteran wrestlers should set an example for the new wrestlers.
  • Parents are welcome to observe practices, but we ask that you do not participate in coaching. Please keep your conversations as quiet as possible.
  • Please also be observant during practices so that a young wrestler doesn’t fall in your lap!
  • Please listen to the coaches and follow their instructions.  If your child is disrupting practice, he or she will be asked to take a break until they are ready to learn again.
  • Please make sure your child shows up early and has his or her wrestling shoes on and is ready to practice by 6:25pm
  • Please do not eat in the wrestling room.  Food is not allowed. 
    • We are practicing in the best wrestling room in the city.  We have to respect AU’s rules.
  • If your child is consistently not following a coach’s instructions or behaves in a disruptive or disrespectful manner, the following is our disciplinary practice:
    1. If it happens once, the athlete will be sent to a parent to “find his/her focus.”
    2. It happens twice, and an athlete is disruptive to the point that he or she is prevent others from learning, that athlete will be sent home early.
    3. Please keep in mind that training at H&M Mat Club is a privilege.  We have the best practice room in DC.  And all of our coaches wrestled in college.  That means that we are more than an overqualified bargain.  We are gift to any young wrestler or family that chooses to train with us.  
  • Do not allow your children to wander outside the wrestling room
  • Please do not let your children climb the walls or the rope and damage pictures or anything else.

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Please Donate!
We are fortunate to have great parents and volunteer coaches but not everything we have is free.  As we do not charge any membership fees, we rely on your financial support to keep Hustle & Muscle going.

A suggested donation is $150 but any donation, no matter how small, will help!
No donation is too small.  All donations are tax deductible.  We are 501(c) nonprofit organization registered with the IRS and DC.  All donors will receive a thank you letter with tax receipt information.
You can donate online via PayPal here:
Or mail checks to Hustle & Muscle Mat Club, 3901 Davis Place, NW, Apt. 303, Washington, DC 20007

Please Volunteer! We are in need of help with fundraising, promotion, and helping practices to go smoothly!


Here is a link to a map of AU campus for drivers:
Parking – You can parking almost anywhere is in the Bender Arena parking lot after 5pm.
Parking Rules are not enforced by AU after 5pm.
You can park under the Katzen Arts Center and then walk across Massachusetts Ave. to Bender Arena
You cannot take a left into AU Campus from Massachusetts Ave. during rush hour but there are side streets you can use to turn around and then approach the Mass. Ave. entrance to AU from the north or right side of Mass. Ave.

Wrestling Shoes – You can purchase wrestling shoes online for reasonable price at one of these two websites:
Adidas and Asics are the most durable.  Don’t spend more than $50
Wrestling shoes have to have clean soles to prevent bacteria outside from getting on the mat, so wrestling shoes should only be worn at practice or a competitions

For Beginner wrestlers and parents:
How scoring works in wrestling